Saturday’s Lowther Show played host to another round in the Chudleys Gundog Championship. Whilst the Sunday’s event was cancelled, the weather failed to stop the amazing performances from handlers and their gundogs on the Saturday of the Show.

The fourth round in the competition welcomed gundog handlers and their companions as they battled it out in the Scurries and Working Test, all vying for those all-important Grand Final qualifying spots at The Midland Game Fair over 14th& 15thSeptember.

As ever, this year’s Scurries consisted of the Partridge Pen, Pick ‘n’ Mix, the Short Fence, Long Retrieve, Up ‘n’ Over and the Novice Retrieve. The Working Test also challenged the gundogs working ability by re-enacting artificially simulated shooting day conditions.

The next and final round in the Chudleys Gundog Championship takes place at the Midland Game Fair on 14thSeptember 2019. The Grand Final in the championship will take place on Sunday 15thSeptember 2019. To get involved in all of the action, simply turn up and sign up on the day. For more information visit

Take a look at Saturday’s results below:


Saturday 10thAugust


Working Test – Retriever

1st        Steve Townsend, Dee, 45:73

2nd       Steve Cumbridge, Meg, 48:62

3rd        Jayne Clarke, Kizzy, 49:90


Qualifier Retriever

Julie Walsh, Miss Purdey, 51:68


Working Test – Spaniel

1st        Peter Rhodes, George, 53:33

2nd       Marie Jones, Tilly, 1.04:57

3rd        Simon Siddons, Sam, 1.21:56


Qualifier Spaniels

Simon Siddons, Sam, 1.21:56


Victor Ludorum

Retriever – Jon Berry, Oscar, 97:87

Spaniel – Peter Rhodes, George, 100:68


Partridge Pen

1st        Kate Cleary, Barley, 18:82

2nd       Jon Berry, Oscar, 20:54

3rd        Trev Linfoot, Bob, 20:61


Short Fence

1st        Trev Linfoot, Bruce, 11:12

2nd      Julie Higgins, Kitty, 11:35

3rd       Kate Cleary, Barley, 12:09


Long Retriever

1st        Marie Jones, Tilly, 14:03

2nd       Kate Cleary, Barley, 14:41

3rd        Julie Higgins, Kitty, 16:22


Pick n Mix

1st        Steve Cambridge, Meg, 18:56

2nd       Jon Berry, Oscar, 23:53

3rd        Jayne Wagstaffe, Bob, 24:97


Up n Over

1st        Vicky Stanley, Digga, 16:34

2nd       Kate Cleary, Barley, 17:53

3rd        James Dixon, Joel Gunner, 17:72


Novice Retrieve

1st        N. Hazel, Rufus, 17:89

2nd       Simon Siddons, Tess, 19:75

3rd        Deb Graham, Rolo, 26:45


Juniors – Working Test

1st        Ellie Close, Bernie, 25:62


Junior Championship

1st        Lexi Moore, River, 73:12

2nd       Lexi Moore, Remi, 74:01

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