Novice Retrieve

The Novice Retrieve Gundog Scurry is open to all breeds of dog, not just gundogs!

Ideal for encouraging new handlers and their dogs into the world of scurries, the Novice Retrieve makes the perfect choice.

This scurry involves two simple retrieves, with the gundog achieving the fastest time winning. As with the other gundog scurries, there are prizes available for the top 3 places on each day. However, these are only open to novice dogs and handlers so you have a great chance of taking away a memento of your first competitive outing.

Great fun and highly competitive, the Novice Retrieve will give you and your dog the chance to show off your quality training.

Novice Retrieve Gundog Scurry Prizes:

1st Place – Engraved Crystal Trophy, Rosette & Training Goody Bag
2nd Place – Engraved Crystal Trophy, Rosette & Training Goody Bag
3rd Place – Engraved Crystal Trophy, Rosette & Training Goody Bag

The Rules

  • There will be a 2 metre x 2 metre box for you and your dog to stand in
  • Two seen dummies will be thrown
  • Dog must be sat unrestrained and off the lead
  • Don’t send your dog until the timekeeper says so
  • Any dog that runs in will be disqualified
  • The clock will be stopped in between dummies, and the timekeeper will tell you to send your dog
  • At no time is the dog allowed to return to the box and be resent, this is a disqualification
  • The dummy must be delivered to hand and all four paws in the marked box area before the clock will be stopped
  • The dog will retrieve both dummies in the fastest time, only one dummy at a time
  • No bitches in season to enter the scurry
  • Re-entry is permitted
  • If your dog leaves the scurry arena it’s a disqualification
  • The Judges decision is final
  • Any challenges to a decision needs to be made immediately after your run to the Gundog Organiser. Decisions can not be altered after this.
  • Entries cost £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00

Juniors: No help from the parent or guardian of the child is allowed. The parent or guardian must be stood out of the arena, and at no time give verbal instructions to the child or dog.

Want to try?

The Novice Retrieve is open to all those who simply want to have-a-go! Just ask the stewards about entering, they’ll be more than happy to help!

Good Luck!