Pick ‘n’ Mix

Pick ‘n’ Mix: The perfect picking up set-up… has your dog got what it takes?

Pick ‘n’ Mix is designed to test your dog’s ability to choose from a selection of retrieves. This scurry relies on the perfect picking up scenario, with several birds that have already been shot lying in the undergrowth ready for your dog to retrieve. As always there is a twist, with one of these blind dummies is characterized by its smaller size, this is known as the ‘ Joker’dummy.

Before your dog takes on the challenge, two more birds are then shot, with your dog required to pick up just one of these seen dummies and just one of the four blind retrieves-the Joker dummy is the winning one to pick- you won’t be disqualified however, your time will not be submitted if other dummies are picked.

Great fun and highly competitive, Pick ‘n’ Mix will give you and your dog the chance to show off your quality training, and of course be in with a chance of qualifying for Chudleys Gundog Championship Grand Final too.

Enter Pick ‘n’ Mix today to compete in the Chudleys Gundog Championship, and you could be in with a chance of winning some fantastic cash prizes at the Midland Game Fair Grand Final.

Short Fence Gundog Scurry Prizes:

1st Place – £25 cash, Engraved Crystal Goblet & Rosette
2nd Place – £15 cash, Engraved Crystal Goblet & Rosette
3rd Place – £10 cash, Engraved Crystal Goblet & Rosette

The Rules

  • You will sit your dog unrestrained and off the lead
  • The clock will be stopped in between retrieves
  • Two seen dummies will be thrown for your dog
  • Do not send your dog until the timekeeper tells you
  • Any dog that runs in will be disqualified
  • There are three blind dummies and a small joker blind dummy out.
    The aim is to pick one seen dummy and the joker blind dummy only, for your time to count
  • No other dummy shall be picked. A total of two dummies only need picking up
  • If you pick any of the blind dummies or seen dummy your time will not count
  • There is a two minute time limit
  • There is a 2 metre x 2 metre box to stand in with you and your dog
  • At no time is the dog allowed to return to box after being sent for the retrieve, and be resent out this is a disqualification.
  • All dummies must be delivered to hand. All four of your dog’s paws must be in the box, before the dummy can be retrieved to hand and the clock stopped. It is a disqualification if this rule is not followed
  • The judges decision is final
  • No bitches in season to enter the scurry
  • Re-entry is permitted
  • The clock starts when your dog crosses the white line
  • At no time can your dog return to the box and be re-sent. This is a disqualification.
  • Any challenges to a decision needs to be made immediately after your run to the Gundog Organiser. Decisions cannot be altered after this.
  • Entries cost £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00

Juniors: No help from the parent or guardian of the child is allowed. The parent or guardian must be stood out of the arena, and at no time give verbal instructions to the child or dog.

 Good Luck!