Lowther Fishing Island

Great for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, fishing is the number one relaxing outdoor sport/pastime in the UK and we are pleased to bring a little bit of calm and entertainment to this year’s Lowther Show over 10th and 11th August.

If you already fish or are thinking of taking up this fine outdoor sport, the AAPGAI will be on site and at hand to offer some useful guidance for both old and new to the sport.

If you would like to improve your fly-casting and fishing skills, team AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) will be there in force along with FFMUK (Italian casting style). Not only will they be running the fly-casting clinics for both adult and juniors, they will also be putting on regular fly-casting and fly-tying demonstrations. Alongside this, Borderlines have confirmed their attendance at this year’s Lowther to talk about the work they do in the communities around northern England and south-west Scotland and how they can help schools and our local youth.

Taking place on the Fishing Island at the Lowther Show, visitors can get involved in lots of activities such as fly-tying, river walks, various fly casting competitions and family fun activities so make sure you come along and have chat with the professionals, have some fun and learn something new.

Local and U.K guides, fly dressers and instructors will be on hand to give information on Cumbrian rivers and related fishing advice.

Fishing Island attendees include:

 Brian Towers – www.yorkshireflycasting.com

 Karl Humphries – www.paas.co.uk

 Chris Bowman – www.borderlines.org.uk

 Clive Mitchelhill – www.bordergameangling.co.uk

 John Pape  – www.aapgai.co.uk

 Clark Colman -www.facebook.com/edipflyfishingwww.aapgai.co.uk

Glyn Freeman – www.cumbriaflyfishing.co.uk

 Pendle Fly Dressers

Casting Pool Demonstrations

Here at the Fishing Island, we’re delighted to welcome a superb programme of casting demonstrations running on the hour, every hour on both the Saturday and Sunday of the Lowther Show and situated at the casting pool of the Fishing Island. Along with insightful angling advice from the best in the business, here you will also be able to have-a-go at fly casting and fly casting competitions with experts on hand to help your technique and to share their winning methods, there will be many prizes donated by our generous sponsors.

Fly dressers from various parts of the country from the Fly Dressers Guild will be there to demonstrate and help you with your fly tying.

2019 Timetable for Saturday and Sunday on the pool:

10.00am – A fly casting warm up for everyone, come to the Island and meet some of the people.

10.30am – Fly casting competitions.

11am – John Pape – Hangover to turnover (all about shooting heads).

11.30 -Fly casting competitions.

12pm – Clark Colman – The Roll cast.

12.30pm – Fly casting competitions.

1pm – Brian Towers –Mastering Spey casting, how it all works.

1.30pm- Fly casting competitions.

2pm –  Glyn Freeman – a bit about fly casting.

2.30pm – Fly casting competitions.

3pm – Clive Mitchelhill – All about Spey casting.

3.30pm – Fly casting competitions.

4pm – Karl Humphries – Fly casting techniques.

4.30pm – 5.30pm – Fly Castingcompetition finals.

Casting Clinics and Casting Competition

After watching the demonstrations you might like to try some of the casts yourself or gain some tips and tuition. If you are struggling with any aspect of your fly fishing and would like to iron out any faults or bad habits, or just want to add a metre or two to your casts, then why not have some tuition with one of our expert Advanced Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors in our casting clinics which will be taking place throughout the day.

If you have a busy schedule at the show and don’t want to miss anything, you can pre-book your preferred time slot each day, just head over the bridge and have a chat with the ladies in the AAPGAI Booking in tent on the Fishing Island.

The Casting Clinics run throughout both days and for adults you can have 20 minutes expert tuition for £10 and for juniors of 16 years and under it costs £2 for 10 minutes.

The emphasis on the Fishing Island again this year is very much on getting youngsters and their families involved in angling, There is the sponsored Junior pool challenge with prizes for the best young anglers open to anyone aged 16 or under. There are other fun activities with instructors encouraging people to have a go as well as the Trout accuracy and fly casting accuracy competition.

Come to the Borderlines stand and have a chat with Chris Bowman about Borderlines work delivering angling programmes to schools and the local community. The young and the young at heart might also like to try catching a fish and may be win a prize in Borderlines “Flounders” game 3 goes for £1; with a whole range of fishing tackle and sweetie prizes. All money raised goes towards getting young people, the disabled and those from deprived backgrounds involved in angling.

Come along and join in the fun!