Pakefield Ferrets

Through a static display covered with information and high quality pictures and illustrations, the art of ferreting and the welfare of working ferrets can be explained to the wider audience. Ferreting is normally carried out in unsociable surroundings and often in solitude so Simon, using the arena demonstrations, explains and illustrates why ferreting in the true sense of the word, the ferreter, their ferrets, dog and nets are fast becoming a more sought after figure in the countryside and towns of the UK.

The audience watches as the team work together in a simulated days ferreting. The appreciation as the bond that unites the ferreter with their dog and ferrets enables the team to become a part of nature as opposed to an intruder. With a mixture of enthusiastic and entertaining commentary, the audience watches the ferreter work in harmony with the animals involved to show why it is importantly vital that not only people understand why we ferret but more importantly, get newcomers into the countryside to continue this fine tradition.

Luckily in these modern times, Simon can demonstrate the traditional country skills of ferreting that have survived the growth in technology. Simon shows just why the Pakefield Ferrets motto of “ensuring the tradition of ferreting IS continued for further generations” illustrates how the life of the ferret and rabbit are so deeply entwined.