MSC Wood Products

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Mick Cole is MSC Wood Products and together they have been members of the British Stickmaker’s Guild for over 20 years. Welcoming Mick and his wonderful collection of hand-made wood products at this year’s Lowther Show, visitors will be able to own a piece of traditional art and start their own walking stick collection.

Mick Cole is a retired tree nurseryman and has been practicing the very art of stickmaking for years. With his wide knowledge of native tree production, including decorative woods to walking sticks, MSC Wood Products offer a truly unique insight into this wonderful, traditional craft.

Along with MSC Wood Products, Lowther welcomes a wide variety of traditional crafts and rural practices from some of the most highly skilled crafts men and women in the UK. From rope working to net-making, this year’s Lowther has countryside pursuits for everyone to enjoy.