Survival Camp

The Lowther Show is delighted to welcome a Survival Camp to the proceedings, aimed to teach, train and inspire, ‘A’ Squadron Limited is managed by ex-British Special Forces soldier Bob Podesta and businesswoman Faith Cowling.

We specialise in the provision of military, security and survival training and instruction, both for professionals and private individuals of all ages wanting to learn something new or just have some fun.


All day, every day
Visit the survival camp, view displays and try our have-a-go activities; essential knots, trapping, net making, navigation, safe fungus identification; plus paper crafts, learn morse code and the secret to the ‘hand-drill’ method of fire-lighting.
Then come and shoot and test your skill on ‘A’ Squadron’s airsoft “Battle Range”.

Daily demo timetable
11:30 Tinderbox of Tricks : A comprehensive look at fire-lighting methods
14:30 Fire by Friction : Bow & Drill and Hand Drill fire-lighting methods